Two magnetic Tales

Director, writer, designer

00:10:50 // Animation Short Movie // 2018

Through a journey that is both physical and mental, the climber’s discipline and her eagerness to reach the top converge with the practice of Shibari, where reaching the climax is also the ultimate goal of the trip.


Tres Hermanas

Director, producer

00:15:00 // Documentary // 2018


NELQP poster.jpg

Nada es lo que parece, Nada es lo que padece

Director, writer, designer

00:10:44 // animation short movie // 2015

Isolated in the imaginary space of her psychic ghosts, guided by her unconscious in a plausible and unreal city, haunted by the presence of an order of nuns who seem to be catching and overwhelming her, Geraldine meets Loreto, always in the same place, to commit and cathartic ritual.


The Walk

Designer, animation

00:01:24 // animation scene // 2016

Animation Documentary Comission


The Afterbirth

Co-director, designer

00:04:00 // Animation Short Movie // 2018

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AQ, un personaje en construcción

00:15:00 // Documentary // 2019

Este documental sigue el proceso creativo de unos alumnos del colegio Xindongfang de Madrid mientras escriben una historia ficticia basándose en uno de los personajes más emblemáticos de la sociedad China del siglo XX , A Q .  Creado por Lu Xun en 1921 , y reinventado para los Chinos de la diáspora como inmigrante en España,  en la narración de Ma Zhuoming escrita en 1994 .


Boy meets Girl

Designer, animation

00:05:35 // Short movie // 2018


Subo a un Árbol

Co-director, designer, animation

00:02:28 // videoclip // 2016

Madrelobo poster.jpg

Madre Lobo

Director, designer

00:03:43 // Music Video // 2018

By performing a dance which invokes Magic and Friendship, Wolf Mother and her friends transform the laws of the Universe



00:15:10 // Animation Short Movie // 2017

Communities live imprisoned in their tiny homes where life goes on normally. In front of them, and only reachable through a  window, the outside world awaits and they know nothing about it except for the little information they can grasp from looking through this aperture. Oblivious to their past and their destiny, not every one of them will settle for such a monotonous and dull lifestyle



Director, designer, animation

00:07:00 // short movie // 2018


Todos juntos con olmué


00:00:46 // advertising // 2015