AQ, un personaje en construcción

00:15:00 // Documentary // 2019

Finalist project of the pitch called by ATM productions.


This documentary follows the creative process of a group of students from a chinese school in Madrid while they write a fictional story based on one of the most emblematic characters of twentieth-century Chinese society, A Q. Created by Lu Xun in 1921, and reinvented by Ma Zhuoming’s narration in 1994 as an immigrant in Spain.

Through the creation of a character that represents the group and gives it a feeling of belonging,  the film attempts to explore the processes of identity construction of adolescents from Chinese immigrant families in Madrid 

This collaborative project is written from the very representation that young people produce of themselves through the study of the figure of A Q. The documentary aims to meet the youth emerging from the Chinese migratory movements in Spain. When talking about oneself, it comes to light how we think we are seen by others.