TRES HERMANAS [Three sisters]

00:15:00 // Documentary // 2018


Frozen in time, cloistered behind the walls of a family home that never shattered, Mara, Cisla and Pili, the last three members of a family generation, live on the verge of extinction.

In a manor house full of relics carrying testimonies and memories, my great-aunts spend their last days. Blending with their own scenography. A scenery that is a faithful image to the family and social structures of their time. A legacy after a life dedicated to creation.

In an attempt to preserve the immortality of these objects before a new generation relegates and disperses them, I rediscover, unbury and rewrite a story. A biography and a lifestyle of which I am both part of and far away from. Playing at being an archaeologist, I gather past and present so that their lives, trapped in objects, will not be forgotten.