TRES HERMANAS [Three sisters]

00:15:00 // Documentary // 2018


Maravilla, Fuencisla and Pili, my three great aunts and the last members of a generation on the verge of extinction, spend their last days in the family residence where they were born. Surrounded by objects bearing testimonies and memories, they are devoured by their own scenography. A decoration that is an image faithful to the family and social structures of their time. A legacy after a life dedicated entirely to art.

In an attempt to preserve their memory, before their impending disintegration reduces them to ashes, I enter one last time their house, and rediscover, unearth, and rewrite their story. A biography and a lifestyle to which I simultaneously feel part of and very far away from.

The documentary works like a myth that perpetuates their eccentric existence just at the moment of their disappearance.